Ridgeway and Vale Diabetes Walks

Ridgeway and Vale Diabetes Expeditions (RAVE) is an association for patients with diabetes, which organises a monthly walk for groups of 10 –15 people with diabetes to encourage them to take regular exercise and to gain further experience in managing their condition.

The walks through the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside vary in length with an average time of 5 hours covering a distance ranging from 8 to 11 miles.

All walks are planned in advance and the experienced walk leader will know the route in great detail.

The group also plans a 5 –7 day annual expedition in September usually in one of the UK National Parks. The walks are often accompanied by medical staff who are involved in the treatment of diabetes.
Newly diagnosed patients with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can find their confidence restored by the companionship of walkers who have been on our previous walks and expeditions.

Join a group of like minded diabetic patients on a journey of discovery!

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