Circular Walk from Waddeson– Quainton – North  Marston – Pitchcott  – Waddesdon

Circular walk from Waddeson to Quainton on round to North Marston and Pitchcott with beautiful views.

Walkers wishing to do a shorter walk of 5 miles could be collected in North Marston or Pitchcott – contact Walk Leader for details

Map Sheet 1:25,000 Explorer Series:

Sheet 181 Chiltern Hills North

Start Time: Sunday 12th February,  09.45 for 10.00 hrs start

Start and Finish: Waddesdon Public Car Park, GR 749168

Difficulty: Moderate, 10 miles

Leader: Neil Foster, mobile 07711 459783

Waddesdon Car park to turn off A41 for Aylesbury Ring GR745169 – Quainton GR 746201 – Quainton Hill GR750214 – Fulbrook Fm GR 752225 – North Marston GR770228 – Pitchcott Hill GR776206 – Blackgrove Fm GR771186 – Railway Bridge 757180 to Finish.

Getting there from Aylesbury – Approx. 12 Miles: A41 towards Bicester, Car park is the lay-by on left as you enter Waddesdon

Getting There from Oxford – Approx. 23 Miles: A34 to Bicester, then onto A41 towards Aylesbury.  Car park is the lay-by on right after you have driven through Waddesdon.

Ridgeway and Vale Expeditions Walkers’ Code

  • Walks will normally take place on the second Sunday in the month. In some months, where there is an overriding event, the day may be changed.
  • It helps the Organiser to know who is intending to turn up. Please make contact beforehand. 
  • Grades of Walk are – Leisurely,   Moderate,   and Strenuous. If you are new to the group and to walking, start with a walk graded “Leisurely”, and build up. 
  • Walkers are reminded that they attend walks at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you bring the appropriate gear for the conditions and adequate food and drink. Also make sure you have your medication and blood sugar meter handy. Especially on long walks, carry emergency provisions. 
  • A First Aid kit and additional glucose will be carried by an experienced member of the group. Please check your blood sugar at intervals on a walk.
  • Follow the Country Code. Respect, protect and enjoy the countryside. Take home your rubbish and bury any human waste. 
  • Walks Leaders are responsible for keeping the group together and path finding. Please do not go ahead of the Leader. Always inform the Leader or back marker if you wish to leave the walk, however briefly. Always inform the Leader if you are feeling hypoglaecemic or if you believe another member of the group’s blood sugar is low. 
  • On public roads, take great care to walk in single file, facing oncoming traffic unless advised to do otherwise by the Leader.
  • Dogs will be allowed on walks at the discretion of the Leader. Please keep them on leads when there is stock about or on roads.
  • Remove or cover up muddy boots when entering a pub or tearoom. Do not consume your own food or drink on the premises, including the garden without permission. (If you enter a pub to use the toilet, buy a drink.)